What People Say…

Look through the eyes of David’s clients, partners, workshop participants, and wider network to see how he can help you.

Coaching clients with International Charities

“David is an amazing career coach and I feel very fortunate to benefit from his insights, guidance, and advice.”

“Your stuff is so on point. People are noticing my value.”

“The coaching has been 100% very, very helpful. Without your support, I couldn’t have dealt with some difficult issues. I appreciated how you kept me positive when I would only see the dark side.”

“It was by far one of the best coaching calls I have ever had. It’s great to know someone “gets” me. I appreciate you understand me as no-one else has done so far.”

“It helped me in very specific things and rethink the way I think, making me reflect more about prioritising and presenting myself. I have a clear vision, how to get there, and hands-on tools.”

“I tell you honestly, this is the best one-hour session I’ve ever had with a coach. You have broken my myth.”

“You’re amazing. You’ve helped me with something I’ve not realised for the last ten years.”

“I had a career coach before but didn’t want “how do you feel?” all the time. I appreciated your approach and always feel very uplifted when we have a chat.”

“The coaching has been about breaking mental barriers. I’m more focused and aware now, more confident and I enjoy it more now. I’m better than I expected to be. You helped me to prepare what and how I do it. You guided me.”

“You are very professional and patient.”

“I felt very comfortable talking to you from the first session.”

“I felt ‘this is a real coach’. Been able to add and fill in those gaps. The value and knowledge I’ve gained in going forward in my career development and leadership work. The coaching has helped with my emotional intelligence. I would have handled things differently before.”

“For me, it was easy for understanding a way forward, a clear and succinct process, what should be done and how. You allowed me to have a big think away from being overwhelmed. You were really dedicated to supporting me. The most valuable thing was that you were an active listener.”

Danielle Conway, Client Relationship Manager, Envisia Learning

“I have had the pleasure of working with David on a multinational coaching project with one of our biggest clients. I have always found David very reliable, professional and engaged in our programmes. Our participants face some tough circumstances and David is always very understanding and flexible around their needs. It is clear to see that David is extremely passionate about their development and we have received some wonderful feedback from them on his coaching.”

Manager, International Charity

“What attracted me to David as a coach was his wider perspective. He had the experience and depth to be able to deal with what I needed at this time from a coach. He gave me a safe space to share emotionally and professionally. I always felt I was on his radar and he was giving me enough attention. I found the tools and materials he used very helpful. David was responsive to my needs for how often we met, an email or a call. What he said he provided was what I got.”

Jim Worsley, Plant Manager, British Steel

“I worked with David during a challenging period at work. Over a 9-month period we had a series of 1:1 coaching sessions, these helped me navigate my way through leading a transformation project in a high-pressure industrial environment. A very valuable experience which contributed to a very successful outcome. Our coaching sessions: helped me set clear goals; pushed me to see things from a different perspective; helped me realise it starts with me – self-awareness! Allowed me to dictate the content, pace, and frequency of sessions; pushed me out of my comfort zone and above all helped me provide my own solutions. David was very professional and personable at all times. A critical friend and advisor!”

Oliver Mansell, University Manager

“David is an unfailingly professional and approachable coach. He writes and interacts in an extremely engaging and articulate way. He offers intuitive, pertinent and perceptive insights, which act as ready catalysts for further personal reflection. His feedback is always highly personalised, and it is well-balanced in terms of being both challenging and supportive. I would have no hesitation in recommending his coaching service to others.”

Gina Scholfield, NHS Manager

“The coaching gave me a lot of focus. It helped me ask those questions you don’t really ask or formulate the answers to yourself. It’s the accountability thing… this is what I’ve done and I’m getting to where I need to be.”

Broadcast Engineering Manager, Arqiva

“David has been a great coach for me and has provided me an opportunity to fine tune and develop my management skills and techniques back at the workplace. He listened very carefully and provided me with very useful, informative and constructive feedback that allowed me to make appropriate learning decisions and adjustments to improve my management style and approach.”

Claire Holditch, Director of Benchmark Management Consulting Ltd

“David has done a great job for us at Benchmark Management Consulting Ltd. We’ve grown quickly and our young and enthusiastic team were being asked to take on more management responsibilities. David helped us work with the team to articulate our ‘culture of professionalism’ which then became a framework for a leadership and management programme. We’ve seen significant benefits in improved communication across departments and greater confidence in individuals in managing their own, and others’, performance and development.”

Julika Niehaus, Programme Manager, International Citizen Service

“David facilitated a staff training of trainers for VSO and International Citizen Service staff from across the globe as well as various job readiness workshops for ICS alumni. In both cases, working with David has been fantastic: David is hugely knowledgeable on the topic of youth employability and successfully shared his knowledge and passion with his training audience. David’s contribution has been key in working towards the ICS objective of increasing volunteers’ employability. Feedback from staff and alumni was equally positive and highlighted David’s ability to relate to young people, effectively facilitate and cover workshop content in a concise and engaging manner. I have appreciated David’s flexibility and can-do approach and hope to work with him again in the future.”

Participants in Arts Council Graduate Fellowship Scheme

“I think you facilitated the session brilliantly and you have a lovely, calming presence;” “Brilliant training session, good to have an honest reflection of how I’m perceived at work and opened up new ways of thinking about my personal skills set and thinking post-scheme;” “Excellent training that opened up areas of awareness and how I come across professionally. Especially helped me see how I can develop a plan to have more impact.”

Participants on ‘How to Set Up a Careers Advice Business of One’

“I attended a Career Development Institute course on becoming self-employed run by David Shindler and based around “Learning to Leap”. It was one of the best courses I have ever been on and certainly gave me the confidence to take the plunge!”

“I wanted to know how to set up a careers advice business and that is ‘exactly’ what the training did.”

“Totally inspirational”. “A must for anyone”.

“One year on from your workshop and I’m the happiest and most fulfilled in my career that I have ever been.”

Dawn Leggott, Academic, Leeds Beckett University

“David is professional, informed, organised, and approachable and helps students and academic staff alike. His enthusiasm is truly infectious and I would highly recommend David to any company or university. His creative ideas to enhance student and graduate employability, such as his Employer Days, are second to none.”

Student Course Representative, Huddersfield University

“This was probably the most helpful employability training I’ve received and I’ve been on quite a lot. I like how on point it was, actually useful, and not just giving out BS buzzwords.”

Unemployed Graduates, Fastlaners Programme, Uprising

“Engaging and inspiring”; “Really interesting and helpful information”; “Very interactive format”; I’ve learned greatly from David. He’s a dream career coach anyone would wish to have.”

Emma Fenely, Student, Leeds Beckett University

“I loved the event, I left feeling very motivated about the prospects for getting a job! David was a great speaker, and inspiring to listen to.”

Sara Clarkson, Senior Course Director, Common Purpose

“David has been a great asset to our work with both students and graduates. He quickly builds a good rapport with the audience and has an impact that they remember long after the workshop/event has finished.”

Lisa Buck, Your Connected Future (YCF) Young Persons Group

We had a brilliant leadership workshop facilitated by David Shindler of Learning to Leap – who also gave attendees a copy of his book.”

Brett Arnall, Alumni Relations Officer, Leeds Trinity University

“David is an engaging presenter able to captivate his audience by pitching presentations in an optimal way. He is very knowledgeable and personable. I would thoroughly recommend David if you are looking for a motivational speaker.”

Laura-Jane Rawlings, CEO, Youth Employment UK

“David supports us with mentoring, governance, representing YEUK at events and through presentations. He always exceeds expectations and is forever giving more. David is passionate about young people and supporting them to excellence. He understands the youth employment landscape and is an expert in the employability space.”

Michael Hurwitz, President & Co-Founder of Careers in Government

“You have been such a wonderful partner with Careers In Government and your articles have been shared by thousands and touched many lives.”

Chris Milborrow, Internal Audit Trainee, BDO UK

“David is living proof that social networking works! I first met David on Twitter where he approached me to write a blog on employability for his site, Learning to Leap. Since then, I have gained from some brilliant knowledge and insight from both David’s work and from him personally and see him as a major influencer in the employability space. David has in depth knowledge of what companies look for, not only when hiring graduates, but also in the early career stages and has invaluable advice to benefit my generation of graduates and undergraduates!”