You have arranged a half hour face-to-face meeting with an employer to pick the brains of someone in a job, career or business area that interests you. What can you talk to them about? How can you come across well?

3 mindsets to adopt

  • Attitudes - wordsShift the focus from you and your needs to stepping into the shoes of the employer and their customers, clients or users.
  • Think of yourself as a reporter and ask great questions rather than making statements about you.
  • Sell yourself by showing genuine interest in the person as well as the business, being curious and showing your personality. Tell them what you believe strongly about when the opportunity arises.

11 top questions

  1. What is the best/worst thing about your job/this area of work?
  2. What is your job really about?
  3. What services/products does your organisation provide?
  4. Who are your main users or customers?Steve Martin quote
  5. What benefits do users or customers receive?
  6. What successes have you had?
  7. Who are your main competitors?
  8. What are the main challenges you/the business are facing?
  9. What is it like to work here?
  10. What helps someone to succeed here?
  11. What advice would you give to me about…?

What other questions can you think of? Share them here!