When it comes to landing a job, Millennials are experts at reaching out to employers. They follow up on questions and ultimately sell themselves and their personal brand. Millennial applicants are put off if their potential employer does not respond with similar enthusiasm and engagement. If employers are distant and non-communicative, they may second-guess their choice to accept a job and potentially renege on the position. While the employer is left in the proverbial lurch, the candidate likely has a number of other recruiters waiting to bring them on with their company.

So, how can you ensure that you snag your Millennial applicants for the long run while also building a trusting employer/employee relationship? Try the following tips:

Be Easy to Find

Millennial applicantsOne hallmark of Millennial job-searching is that they often look for positions using their mobile device. Make it easier for them through apps like LinkedIn and optimizing your career site for mobile. Link up with Millennial applicants by being in their line of vision. Post jobs where Millennials will see them, using social media to spread the word about openings and more. Millennials all but live on the Internet, making it the place to go to generate interest and action.

Offer Them Room to Grow

Millennials want space to grow in their careers, and a job that can provide that for them is one that will be super attractive and worth considering. To be clear, space to grow can sometimes mean growing out of your company. With this in mind, it is still important to show your Millennial applicants that when they choose to work for you, they are choosing an experience that will help them develop both as workers and people. The days of staying in a job solely for security reasons are quickly vanishing and being replaced by workers who want more than just security and stability: they want growth, mentorship, and plenty of opportunities to flourish and learn.

Make Relationships a Priority

The structure of your business is important, but so are the people within it. When communicating with your Millennial hire, be sure to emphasize how important relationships are to your company. Show them that they are not just a piece of the puzzle, but a vital part of the whole. Studies show that Millennials care more about working for a company with purpose and heart than making money. This is why they tend to choose non-profit work rather than work with for-profit organizations. Millennials want to work in a place where they feel they are making a difference and where relationships matter.

Always Be In Touch

Never be so out of reach that your employee can’t contact you when they need to. It is important for Millennial employees to have access to their employer, whether it be for feedback, questions, or the knowledge that their employer is invested in their success in the company. This certainly falls under fostering relationships as much as the success of the business. This also means being available throughout the hiring process. If they have questions, be sure to respond within a 24-hour window. If they need to chat, be available for a phone call or video chat. Show them that you value them and their concerns as an integral part of the company and their work experience.

Connecting with Millennials isn’t hard, but it does take work. These tips help you start to foster lasting, trusting relationships with your Millennial applicants and future employees.

Millennial applicantsThanks for this post go to our friend Sara Pollock, Head of Marketing at ClearCompany. She ensures their message, products, and best practices reach and assist as many HR practitioners as possible.