Mentoring plays a key role in career transitions and supporting apprentices. So, I’ve put together a free ebook on mentoring tips and modern practices. It will appeal to lifelong learners and employers interested in improving their understanding and enhancing their professionalism in mentoring. It is also for anyone keen to discover the joys of being mentored. As I can vouch, mentoring others and being mentored can be deeply satisfying and transformative experiences!

Click this link to get immediate access to the mentoring tips ebook. Refreshingly, you don’t even need to enter your email address! Here’s a precis of the content:

Chapter 1: Why Everyone Should Have a Mentor

The handful of significant mentors in my working life appeared at distinct life stages and professional transition points. In each case, they were pivotal to my development and career direction. It’s why I believe everyone should have a mentor. In this chapter, I share the personal impact of mentoring, how modern mentoring differs from the past (including five current approaches), and why is it critical for businesses today.

Chapter 2: 10 Business Benefits of Mentoring

As a people developer, I have run mentoring skills and train the trainer courses with a range of organisations. In this chapter, I outline the business benefits of mentoring and share participants’ descriptions of some of the positive behaviours and impact of mentoring that leave a lifetime impression.

Chapter 3: What makes a Brilliant Mentoring Relationship?

It takes two to tango and mentoring is no different. It’s a relationship based on mutual trust with responsibilities for both the mentor and mentee. In this chapter, I share some of the things that I believe make brilliant mentors and mentees. In addition, there’s even a link to a poem that captures the essence of mentoring!

Chapter 4: Mentoring Tips for New Mentors

Like anything new, it can be a little scary or daunting at the start. In this chapter, I identify 14 common fears and offer ways to overcome them so you avoid the pitfalls and get off to a good start.

Chapter 5: How to Find a Mentor in Your 20s

In my research with graduates, mentoring is high on their list of support while job searching in their 20s. Often, young professionals ask me ‘how do I find a mentor?’ This chapter asks why you want a mentor, knowing what you’re looking for, 6 options for where to look, and how to approach a potential mentor.

Chapter 6: Apprentices – How to Boost Quality Mentoring Support

Lastly, I look at modern apprenticeships and the essential role that mentoring plays in supporting apprentices’ pastoral needs.

I hope the mentoring tips in the ebook inspire you to become a mentor or seek one for your own development. Here’s the ebook link again to get your free copy.

If you are interested in developing your employees to be brilliant mentors, please get in touch.