You decide to go for a job you really, really want. Thankfully, you get through the initial hurdle of CV or online application. Now you worry that you lack experience at the level for which you are applying. That old friend, imposter syndrome, pays a visit chipping away at your self-confidence. Other people will have more experience. They will find me out in the interview. I’ll look a fool. Sound familiar? Here are three ways to get off the back foot and give it your best shot by showing your potential to employers.

Show how you learn

learnabilityRemind yourself, no one is ever the finished article. Neuroscience is showing our neural pathways do renew. We all have the potential for more in our lives. Moreover, you will have shown your potential in the past. Think of the times when you faced something new and, subsequently, you were successful. Now reflect on how you went about it. Identify the obstacles, describe your approaches for overcoming them, what you did and how you felt. What skills and behaviours did you use? What mindset helped? Also, show genuine humility. What did you struggle with and not achieve? Give reasons. What would you do differently now?

Employers want curious, adaptable, and resilient learners. So, show them your learnability and what they would be getting if they hire you.

Put forward your ideas

lack experienceSometimes, you will face questions at the job interview that throw you. Either you don’t expect them or you don’t have an answer or it hits a vulnerable area if you lack experience. The trick is to turn the situation to your advantage. When it’s beyond your experience, say so. Don’t pretend because they will see through you. Then talk about how you would deal with that situation or show your creativity through your ideas or ask a perceptive question. Consequently, the employer can see how much support you might need. They can see how large or small the gap is. The better your approach, the smaller the likely gap.

Employers want resourceful, can-do, and creative contributors. Don’t sit back, lean forward and reveal your emerging talents.

Be yourself with skill

lack experienceFinally, how you present yourself can clinch the decision in your favour. The big mistake is to give answers that you think the employer wants to hear. Instead, be yourself with more skill. Your passion will shine through when you focus naturally on what you truly believe or feel strongly about. However, you do need to invest time reflecting so you can articulate your USP. Then back it up with evidence of the difference you make and apply it to the job opportunity in front of you.

Employers want energy, commitment while you’re with them, and self-confidence.

To summarise, entice them with your potential. Give them relevant evidence of what talents you have begun to show. Let them ‘see’ you in that role and their organisation. Paint a picture of how your talents can be turned into strengths for the benefit of the employer given the opportunity.

If you lack experience, don’t let it inhibit you. Reframe it as potential and let your presence be memorable!

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