It’s always inspiring to hear a graduate job success story. What marks out Kylie Cook’s journey is cake! Rather appropriate for this time of year. Have a listen to the final Learning to Leap podcast for 2015 to find our why. I spoke with Kylie about her job as a consultant with graduate employment specialists, Gradconsult.

Kylie Cook

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Here are some of the varied topics we touched on:

  • How working in a bar or restaurant can show off the entrepreneurial flair that small businesses seek.
  • The advantages of working for a small business over a larger organisation.
  • The value of networking and building relationships.
  • How Gradconsult takes a strategic perspective to working with employers and graduates, informed by market intelligence to help bridge the gap between them.
  • Kylie’s experience of employers’ bad behaviours and the pitfalls to avoid for graduates when applying for jobs.
  • The shift in perspective both employers and graduates need to work on.
  • The impact of a leading edge internship scheme that challenges the negative stereotype and is tapping into talent to drive a city’s economic growth.
  • What Kylie is learning from the graduate employment business now she’s on the other side of the fence.

You can contact Kylie by email (, visit the Gradconsult office for cake (!) and connect with her via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year – see you in 2016!