There are many different learning options available to gain a qualification today and it can be quite tricky to choose the best one for you. Distance learning is one option that gives you the opportunity to learn remotely rather than in a classroom. More students than ever are studying for qualifications through this method. What are the benefits that come with it?

Distance learning fits around you

The main advantage that people find about distance learning is thatDistance Learning studies fit around you and so you can set your own pace. You can manage your own timetable if you are studying from home or wherever you are in the world. With plenty of self-motivation it’s a recipe for success in your career.

Study alongside work

Another plus is that you can study alongside your job. When attending classroom based courses, you are forced to fit around the timetable set for you. It can make employment a bit of a nightmare and you can usually only manage part-time work. With distance learning, the way you structure your time is completely up to you. So there’s no reason that you can’t have a full-time job alongside studying if you wish.

It’s great for parents

A lot of potential students are put off from seeking further education by having to pay for childcare. Parents who attend college courses have to make sure their young children are looked after during the hours they are physically in class. Distance learners have more control with less cost, although you still have to manage your learning time and space.


With the ever-growing cost of tuition fees, more people are rethinking their approach to education. Distance learning can be more affordable than going to university for example.

Personal support

With some online courses you are pretty much left to learn on your own. With distance learning you still have 1-1 support from a tutor and a support network with your fellow learners. It gives you confidence knowing you can turn for help from likeminded people whenever you need it.

Work experience and education

When it comes to following your career ambitions, one of the key aspects employers look for is experience. Distance learning gives you the chance to build up work experience alongside your qualification.

Distance learning presents an opportunity for you to stay in education when you might not have thought this possible or have considered it before. Why not look into how it can benefit you today?

distance learningOur thanks for this post go to Malcolm Trotter, Chief Executive of the International Association of Book-keepers (IAB).