About David Schindler

About David Shindler


My energy and commitment are in helping young professionals become more employable and live fulfilling working lives.

I help you to develop and grow beyond what you think yourself capable – to progress your career, gain a more meaningful future and work identity or enhance your current job performance.

We all need to learn to leap again and again in our working lives – developing new skills, new knowledge and adapting our mindset and behaviours for changing personal and business circumstances.

Because the world does not stand still.

Many people later in life say they wished they had known more when they were younger. You can avoid that trap by empowering yourself early on and navigating your career with confidence and skill. Gain insight earlier to reduce the disappointment of hindsight!

Many people focus on technical skills without embracing the mindset, attitudes, and so-called soft skills that are so vital in working life. Soft skills are tough! And they are transferable.

You will have a more fulfilling working life by investing in lifelong and life-wide learning and a deeper appreciation of what it takes to be successful.


Career blogsI have worked across the private, public and non-profit sectors for over 40 years.

Prior to setting up as an independent coach in 2009, I spent over a decade in consultancy helping individuals, teams, and organisations with their people development.

My previous roles include the head of organisational research within a metropolitan police service, a researcher with a start-up advising on branding for professional firms, and the membership manager of a professional institution.

I was a non-executive Director of Youth Employment UK for six years, a social enterprise dedicated to tackling youth unemployment and a platform for the voice of young people.

Qualifications include a Master’s degree in Management, Law & Sociology degree, and coaching accreditations.

Check out my full career history on LinkedIn.