Is this you?

Close the gap: how coaching can help you

Is this where you are now? Is this where you want to be?
“I am unsure what I want and where I am going in my career. I don’t know where to start.” “I am clearer and more comfortable about why I am making this job/career decision and the reasons for it. I know what steps to take and when. My coach is supporting me each step of the way as I put my learning into practice.
“I don’t know what is important to me/what I’m good at/how best to use my values and strengths/how to overcome what holds me back.” “I know what my values, talents, and strengths are and leverage them to shape my career direction/improve my performance/articulate to employers. I have greater self-confidence in what drives me, my abilities and personal strategies to mitigate my current limitations.”
“My morale is low and I am dissatisfied with my current job and career.” “I am highly motivated, engaged and passionate about my work. I motivate, engage and inspire passion in others so they can give their best.”
“My work-life balance is out of sorts.” “I have a better understanding of what is important to me and what motivates me. I am clear about my priorities and have personal strategies to help me choose where I put my energy. ”
“I don’t know how to deal with difficult relationships with specific people at work.” “I have better relationships with people at work which is resulting in …”
“I am overwhelmed by the pace and volume of change. It is difficult for me to learn fast enough to adapt. I experience information overload.” “I am clearer about what’s within my control and what is not, manage myself better, and learn more effectively. I know what to do when I start feeling overwhelmed.”
“The environment in which I work is increasingly complex. More and more demands are being placed on me with the same or less resources. I am challenged by the need to deliver for today and lead for tomorrow.” “I recognise the differences and similarities between managing and leading and where the balance lies in my role. I know which personal style to adopt for different people and situations.”
“It can be lonely in this situation. There is no one that I can turn to about my work issues who is genuinely independent and objective. I don’t have a lot of time. I am concerned about the cost of development. I need more than a course. I need something tailored just for me.” “I have personalised support from an experienced coach who provides me with an independent sounding board and the support and challenge I need and when I need it. A genuine critical friend.”