Career bliss? No, it’s not La-La land, but something that Sabrina Ali of make.believe.for real. understands better than most. Based in Canada, she is a wonderful career counselor and writer for professionals under 40. So, I’m extremely grateful to her for sharing her insights and wisdom in this post. Please take time out of your day to listen to these four short and rewarding podcasts exclusive to Learning to Leap. (Note, they were first shared on my former Employability Hub site).

Do you need to answer “What do you do?” and dread it?

career bliss

Sabrina Ali

In this audio, Sabrina provides reassurance and practical tips for when someone asks that question. Is this how you feel or respond?

  1. Trying to impress and ask for help at the same time.
  2. You don’t have a job title in mind.
  3. Struggling to talk about yourself with different people.
  4. Being too formal when engaging with people.
  5. Trying to be too perfect.

Don’t use what you know against yourself

In two parts, Sabrina takes a look at some conventional career advice and reinterprets it to inject more sensitivity and feeling. Is this you?

  1. What I do is not getting me what I bliss
  2. I take career advice to my disadvantage. For example, “Make yourself look professional”, “Control yourself and don’t overshare at interviews”, ” Be confident in presenting yourself”,  “Be innovative”, “Don’t miss opportunities to communicate”, “Challenge yourself at work”.
  3. I take jobs that are not really what I want for myself.
  4. I don’t have a strategy for the jobs I want.



How to choose jobs that offer the feeling of career bliss

Finally, Sabrina outlines the best strategy for helping you to apply for the job that you actually want.


career blissIn essence, Listen to yourself and what you really want, Explore the different ways to be at your best, Act to achieve the best results for you, and Perform to make your learning stick. Yes, it takes effort but career bliss can be yours when you learn to LEAP.

Thanks again to Sabrina and if you want to know more about her work, please connect with her via or @thewitchofbliss.