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Latest review:

Your book really helped me identify my strength and personality type which is crucial in finding the right sector/job and set out goals. It definitely helped me understand more about myself and the career direction I need to pursue.

Marwan Ahmadzai, Graduate

“Learning to Leap” has been a great resource, not only to my organisation (planning a youth employability programme), but also to myself. There’s lots of practical advice in this book, allowing you to be coached through your employability journey. David Shindler has made becoming more employable accessible to the masses, and has managed to do it in an engaging and accessible way.

Danielle Brennan, Amazon Reader

I saw David at a recent marketing careers event and this book has inspired in my quest to work hard towards the career I desire. It gives you an amazing platform in your employment search. Each page fills you with confidence and motivation, giving actionable practices while carrying our your search. It ensures that you present yourself in the best possible way and show employers your full potential, with ideas and tips in the best way to do this. This book is a great guide on having the self belief and confidence to get the job you want.

Amazon reader

I saw David present at a conference and was totally inspired. I work in the Careers sector and took his advice back to my team who are already using it in their practice. I also used the advice myself and gained a promotion! I have generally never been a fan of self help type books but this is totally different. It is current and relevant, not full of theories or jargon; it just gets to the point. The book is inspiring and motivational, written in a friendly likeable tone which promotes self-management and belief.
I would recommend this book to anyone in or out of employment. It takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery which relates to the current employment market and hopefully will lead to results.

Nicola J Freeman, Amazon reader

I work with unemployed people and have made huge use of this book in helping to my get my learners to think differently about their situations – whether newly unemployed after being made redundant after working in one sector their whole career, or young people who have been NEET and are moving towards going into their first job. Writing about the modern approach to job search is something that few books and authors do well that I have seen. David manages to be successful at this – and in a form that is easy to read and accessible.
A must read for those who work with unemployed, or those who want to help themselves move on with their career into a new post to look at what they have. 

Richard Phillips, Amazon reader

Let me start by saying that this book has a lot of common sense information and advice in it. This is no bad thing however, especially in this day and age as common sense seems to be dying out. I really liked how the purple from the cover was used for boxes of text within the book itself. It looks professional and helps break up the content. Scattered throughout the book are quotations from various different people, including many from Einstein. They are placed strategically in appropriate places and are inspirational. The content helped boost my self-confidence, it is so much more than just a few tips to help you become more employable. The exercises were brilliant and helpful. They were spread evenly throughout the book. Give this book a go if you are looking for some helpful advice and a confidence boost.  

 Kirsty Ward, on Goodreads

I found Learning to Leap to be really useful, not only for the university students I support (in the careers & employability team) but to myself as well. It’s impressively well researched and very clearly presented and written. I particularly enjoyed the case-studies and David’s sense of humour. It also inspired me to dig out my copy of The Inner Game which I’m re-reading now and also trying to implement into my work. Would definitely recommend to all new graduates and anyone else looking to take a leap in their career. 

Daniel Walker, Amazon reader

It is an excellent step by step guide, and breaks it down very well. I haven’t even finished reading it, but I am already impressed. You just need to apply the relevant section to your own circumstances. Well recommended!!! Author has immense knowledge and the information is easily digestible. There are a number of books out there on this subject, but I find this one very relevant, informative and easy to read. Well done!!!

Dawit Zemedikun, Amazon reader

Reading “Learning to Leap” is like having my own personal mentor. For example, in one chapter it sets out lots of questions which helped me to think about and express my strengths, skills, knowledge and experience and other qualities which might make me more attractive to an employer. The following chapter focused on what employers are looking for, so I could match my own qualities with those required and thereby think about the most effective ways to ‘sell’ myself on application forms, my CV and in job interviews. It is written in an incredibly reader-friendly format and the style is very personable. The book is suitable for students and recent graduates as well as those (like me)who have over 20 years of work experience but are considering a change in career or job. Highly recommended.

Dawn, Amazon Reader

Excellent read and informative, helped a lot with update of CV. Had other useful tips.

John, Amazon Reader

I have to admit to a fear of leaping from heights, which makes Mr Shindler’s metaphor of a trapeze artist at the beginning of his excellent book so challenging for me. But that is the point, many of us find it challenging or seemingly impossible to make that leap, leaving us to be consigned to mediocrity and compromise.As someone who likes to think of careers in Chaotic terms, the critical commentary around simplistic goal setting and the reference to David Clutterbuck’s work are commendable.As I read through I came to appreciate just how many good ideas are crammed into this valuable resource from attitude to presentation, learning to listening, from MARIA to PESTLE (clever acronyms that illustrate how to convey attitude and business experience). It is all seasoned with pithy quotes from Einstein, Victor Frankl, Leonardo DaVinci, Wittgenstein to the intellectual might of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Marks and Spencers!!This is a useful book for anyone wanting to make a leap in their career. Highly recommended!

Dr Jim Bright, Professor (Career Development), Australian Catholic University

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing book, I am really finding it very beneficial and interesting.

Aseel Qudah, HRM Student

Your book has enhanced my self-awareness skill. Keep up the good work!

Peter Zhu, Finance Student

Just finished reading David’s book, “Learning to Leap”, a great read especially if you’re wanting to to personally develop yourself. Getting to know what you are about and fantastic tips and tools throughout. Gain a great understanding of what makes you tick and others’ too. Every skill an employer would be looking for.

Tracey Morewoode, Employability Tutor & Author 

Accessible and easy read…inspirational…bang up to date…highly recommended.

Frances Gow, Careers Consultant, University of Upminster

I met David at a networking event and managed to get a copy of his book. I found his approach to the subject both refreshing and thoughtful and unlike other books I have seen encouraged me not only to read on but apply the material in my own career. I would recommend this book to all who are considering their future seriously.

Mark Watts, Amazon Review

I think every student in the country should have one, it’s so inspirational and would have helped me a lot when I was that age.

Melissa Watts, Leed Metropolitan University

Shindler’s Learning to Leap was a delight to read. And that surprised me!  Having spent many years in the past – ‘in the training room’ – I am familiar with most of the self-help-y type models and self-assessment tools. This book manages to present its content in a light and refreshing manner. Digestible and understandable and free of the touchey-feeley nonsense most books in this area always sink to. Phew. Well done David.  I particuluarly like the fact that you can skim OR read, take one idea or a bunch of ideas. The book is accessible and not limited to school-leavers only or redundant managers only.   My only minor observation is about the page formatting which has very narrow margins.  I can see this book being reproduced and focusing on many types of different targets. It could easily be fine-tuned as a book for school-leavers only, or graduates only, or qualifying accountants only. The list is endless.  Shindler has managed to crack the balance between being accessible and yet based on a rigorous and thorough understanding of the subject. His ‘voice’ is reassuring and not patronising.

Robert Craven Author, Grow Your Service Firm

We go through elements of this book with new starters in our office as the information is useful but also easy to digest and use in everyday work situations. The book itself is very well thought out in the progression of ideas from chapter to chapter and this enables any reader regardless of education to pick it up and begin the learning process from page one. I also love the quotes that pepper the book: some from famous names and others not so famous. Even a brief browse through the book reveals little gems of advice that can be useful: put in your thumb, pull out plumbs! In these tough times for jobseekers, this book is a welcome and practical tool.

Ian at Unique Synergy, Amazon Review

Easy to read, dip into and refer back to. Relevant and just the right balance between challenging and encouraging. Perfect coaching then!  

Steve Dean, Amazon Review

I can’t praise your book highly enough! 

Felicity Bruce

This has been a really useful book to help through a forced career change due to redundancy. It is clear and easily readable. This offers pragmatic approaches to becoming more employable and regaining confidence in the workplace.

 Alirae, Amazon Review

I ordered this book because I thought it would be helpful professionally where I am involved in providing advice and guidance to young people. Having receievd the book I am delighted with its content. The practical activities and exercises are thought provoking and easy to work through. The book has given me a lot of new ideas that I plan to incorporate in my work with young people who are very aware of the need to make themselves as attractive as possible to potential/future employers. Whilst I chose this book for its relevance to my job I found myself using it as a personal reference point and the self evaluation benefits have been hugely enlightening! Great book, easy to follow and timely…definitely money well spent.

Carole Vartan, Amazon Review

Learning to Leap is a must-have for anyone looking to become more employable. The practical focus of the book, coupled with the author’s coaching approach inspires both action and reflection. Readers are encouraged to think about their employability from every every angle: from their skills and relationships to their understanding of themselves and others. A fantastic source of inspiration, guidance and support for job-seekers, or, indeed, anyone seeking to understand and improve their employablity for the future.

Jessica Adair, Amazon Review

From the perspective of a recently employed graduate I found the book accessible, funny (in a nicely irreverent way) and engaging. I found it exceptionally readable and I think anyone else my age would find it equally so.

Tom Beaney, Trainee Graduate Teacher

A very practical book going through tools, techniques, ideas and approaches which, in my experience of working with graduates, is exactly what they are crying out for.

Dan Davies, former Business Development Manager, Graduate Advantage

Accessible and well written, a very browsable book and really inspirational!

Jon Smithson, Director of Operations, Jacobs Engineering

I found it informative and think it would be inspirational for anyone trying to understand themselves and how that impacts on their employability.  I particularly like the ”dashboard” scoring system. Telling the stories along the way also makes it both more understandable and keeps the interest up.

Mike Grosbard, Senior Consultant, www.permanent-futures.co.uk

I really enjoyed it. It is light and engaging without patronising the reader. The practical activities and diagrams really help it feel accessible. It talks to the wide range of audiences in terms of age and experience. It is positive and helps people take control for themselves.

Helen Jones, Human Resources, University of Central Lancashire

This book is like having a personal life coach at your side, and one that speaks your language! If you are a cross roads in your career, just embarking upon one or trying to work out which way to turn to create an enjoyable and worthwhile role in the world of work, ‘Learning to Leap: A Guide to being more employable’ provides a combination of practicality and and imaginative ideas to help. Most books of this kind either drone on about the authors experience, or tell you how to look for a job. David has managed to pull off that rare combination in the coaches art; asking the questions that you need to answer for yourself about yourself and, just when you need it, providing structures to help you when you have not got a clue on the next step. Yes this book is about making yourself more employable but it is much more. What will David write about next?

John, Amazon review

I thoroughly enjoyed David Shindler’s Learning to Leap. It takes the reader on an easy yet comprehensive journey into who they are and how they can usefully serve the world at work. The author reminds us that the world of work is changing rapidly and that the options for making a living are more varied and complex than ever before. Gone are the days where we get a job for life. We have the opportunity to make our careers exciting and purposeful. After an appraisal of the workplace, we are taken on a journey of self-exploration with thought-provoking exercises and case studies. We examine our strengths, weaknesses (but not too much), attitude, values and beliefs. Once we’ve worked out who we are and how employable we are, there is a chance to explore our relationships with others, how we understand them, get on with them and might play as a team with them. Above all, the author promotes a positive stance for the career journey and reminds us to take responsibility and to serve the world with enthusiasm. Throughout this inspiring read I felt supported and encouraged to bring the best of who I am into the service of something I believe in.

Clive Wilson, Deputy Chairman, Primeast

David Shindler’s Learning to Leap is a practical and interesting guidebook for people who want to become more employable. He stimulates readers to think about who they are and what is important to them and shares many valuable ideas, insights, and tips about how to succeed at work.

Donna Dunning, Owner, Dunning Consulting and Human Resources Consultant and Author of ‘Find Your Perfect Career Using Your Personality Type’

The focus is not on how to look for work, but on how to become more employable and gain job security – at whatever stage in your life, and in however unstable the job market. And the only way to be more employable is to understand who you are and what you offer, and where that fits with the needs of an employer. David Shindler examines the attributes that all employers want and shows how you can develop them: mindsets and skills such as a “can-do” approach, responsibility, flexibility, team-working and problem-solving. Checklists, questionnaires and examples help you understand where your strengths are, and what needs developing. The tone throughout is non-critical and gentle. It’s as if your nicer half was having a friendly, non-judgemental chat with your more truculent self. And you know your nicer half is right: it’s impeccably researched, with plenty of studies and reports to back it up.

Clare Whitmell, Freelance writer, www.jobmarketsuccess.com

This is a very practical and worthwhile guide to improving your employability for both the recent Graduate and the recently unemployed or redundant jobseeker.  If you need a step per step practical guide and common sense approach to improving your employability, I would highly recommend this book! The strength in this book, is a little like one of the core messages that it teaches; that being employable and improving your employability, is a teachable skill. Therefore the ‘text book’ feel and design works very well. It feels a little like you are studying the text, learning the core topics….and then you will be examined. But is that not the point? That in your employment life you are judged and examined; whether it be your CV, at the interview or in your performance at work.To me, coming from recruitment, some of the content and reasoning does seem a little obvious, however as this book is aimed at the 1st time job seeker, or the Graduate, or someone who has been made redundant and needs a confidence boost, it could act as the employment coach you never had, and the kick start that you need. I also see the potential this book could possibly offer to new and small businesses setups, who don’t have the experience or knowledge of personnel offer, or someone with an experienced business head. Although this is from the perspective of the prospective employee, perhaps if a few companies were to read this, it may help them evaluate how they can also get the best out of their existing staff, as well as the ones they are still to hire!!  Being employable or having employability does not mean you are not currently working and hence, read this book if you are even trying to improve how you interact and come across to other people in your personal and employment life!  A good practical guide, that is well written and hence, well taught. 8.5/10.

Alistair Cameron, www.theemployable.com