8 Tips For Your Successful Apprenticeship Application

Education can change your life and take you in a different direction at any age. This post looks at how to enhance your chances of gaining an apprenticeship. In 2017/18, there were more than 800,000 people that were participating in an apprenticeship in England. Moreover, 41% of those apprenticeships involve someone aged 24 or older.  [...]

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4 Powerful Steps For An Intrapreneurial Mind And Skill Set

Businesses, no matter the shape and size, thrive from identifying new innovations to resolve pain points, but this doesn’t mean funding will be handed to anyone with an idea. Without an intrapreneurial mind and skill set, you will struggle to convince your company's main powerhouses (board members, shareholders, directors) to support and sign-off on the [...]

Discrimination: What Can You Do As An Employee?

As an employee, it's a horrible experience to feel discriminated against at work. Too often, people going through this don't know if they should or can do something about it. Even if they do, knowing the first steps to take can be challenging. Discrimination at work cases can have a severe impact on everyone involved. [...]

Toxic Work Relationship? How to Prevent And Put Out Fires

You go to a meeting and your boss humiliates you in front of your colleagues. Members of your team are talking negatively behind your back and spreading gossip. You're about to start a new management role in the organisation and you're already hearing that people would prefer their old boss. Other people are 'difficult'. Do [...]

Are You Considering A Career In The Jewellery Industry?

The UK jewellery industry currently employs over 55,000 people in over 16,000 businesses. This post is for you if you're thinking of joining them and outlines some of the different roles in the sector. From goldsmiths to CAD designers creating stunning pieces like wedding rings and necklaces, read on as we look at the various [...]

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How to Engage and Lead Your First Technical Team

Leading and managing a team in the innovative and complex tech sector is an exciting opportunity. However, it's not without its challenges. If you're responsible for your first technical team, what helps to be an engaging manager and leader? In fact, almost half of new managers say they feel unprepared for the role, with 87% [...]

How to Start Your Career in the Global Fashion Market

Fashion is a highly prized and competitive industry in which to make a career for many aspiring students in the UK. According to Fashion United, more than half a million people work in fashion-related industries in the UK. That number rises when you factor in the number of UK nationals working overseas in the sector. [...]

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(VIDEO) Why Mentoring is the Secret to Career Success

Mentoring is a highly effective tool for professional and personal development. It's a fantastic way to gain insights into where you want to be and how you can get there. Check out the video below. As Zig Ziglar once said A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else [...]

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How to Challenge Negative Thoughts For Better Balance

When you find a job and career that works for you, it's great for your wellbeing and mental health. Yet, many people will suffer at times in their lives in poor jobs, difficult work environments, and career tramlines with a corrosive effect on wellbeing. If you're in that place right now, here’s a 9-point plan devised [...]

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How to Pursue a Law Career

A law career gives a real sense of achievement every day and contributes value to the world around you. Whether you’re looking to become a courtroom judge or want to help injured people succeed in their accident at work claims, read on to find out how to build the best foundation. After GCSEs GCSEs are [...]

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Student Disability: How to Be a Successful Campaign Blogger

How do you get 90,000 views of your blog as an undergraduate with a disability? Chloe Tear knows how. She's a final year student at Leeds Trinity University studying Psychology and Child Development and shares her fascinating journey with Learning to Leap. It’s a story of personal growth by discovering her talents and pursuing her [...]

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How to Overcome Work-related Stress, Depression and Burnout

Are you are an employee, feeling overwhelmed and burnout, wondering “is it just me?” Fear not because you are not alone. This post explores the facts behind the headlines and shares tips for overcoming work-related stress, depression, and burnout to improve your well-being. Stress The Health and Safety Executive’s annual statistics reveal how many people [...]

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Commitments: Do They Motivate or Scare You?

Recently, I went to an open space meeting where fifty people discussed the topic of commitment. From sharing our experiences, it became clear that it meant different things to different people. Noticeably, the initial focus was on the challenges and negative aspects of commitment rather than the opportunities and positive aspects. What does it mean [...]

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What Makes An Ideal Job? New Research

If you could piece together your ideal job, what would it look like? When leading independent job board, CV-Library, asked Brits recently, it's a flexible London-based education job, in a company with less than 250 people, which pays £25,500 per year! What makes an ideal job for you? A note of caution because the survey [...]

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First Jobber? How to Be a Valued Colleague After Graduating

Are you a first jobber after graduating? Here are some helpful steps that you can take to be a valued employee and colleague, so you hit the ground running. Create your vision of success Ask yourself, What do I want my colleagues to be saying about me in six months' time? Write down a few statements [...]

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Top 12 Learning to Leap Blog Posts 2018

My top 12 blog posts 2018 are a combination of the most shared ones and personal favourites. They were published either on my website or as guest blogs on other platforms. This year, I will be writing less but still publishing quality guest posts, so keep them coming. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as [...]

How to Ensure You Follow Through on Your Intentions

Not everyone can afford to pay for a coach to help them with their life and work challenges. What can you do for yourself instead? After all, whatever your choice it's still down to you to act! How can you get the benefit of helpful questions to prompt your thinking and build in accountability for [...]

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How to Combat the Workplace Loneliness Epidemic

People in any profession and at all levels can suffer from isolation at work. Those in senior roles often carry huge amounts of responsibility and can feel like the only person with the answers. Interns may struggle to integrate and long-standing employees often feel disengaged. What can managers do about workplace loneliness and enhance team [...]

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How to Cultivate Helpful Work Relationships Before Graduating

Networking is defined as the “cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business” by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Sounds pretty crucial to career success, right? Unfortunately, your professors may or may not have exposed you to the idea of networking to build potential work relationships or how to go about it. When is it too early [...]

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