Guest Blogging

For Learning to Leap

Guest bloggers are welcome! The Learning to Leap blog is published weekly. The main audience is young professionals, 18-30 years-old. The criteria are:

  • Topics related to getting a job, succeeding in job and career, employability, lifelong learning, personal and professional development, and the changing world of work.
  • Word count: 500-700.
  • Links: up to 3 in the text and one in the author’s credit. Please ensure the links are helpful and relevant to the post.
  • Photos: only free to use or share. Author headshot welcome.
  • Author’s credit: please limit to one sentence.

For your site

Contact David if you are an employer, educator or content marketer for single posts, a series, or more formal partnering. Selected examples of David’s guest blogging include regular posts for:

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Quotes for journalists

Contact David if you are a journalist seeking expert or specialist quotes/interview for articles. Credits include:


 Contact David if you would like him to be one of your podcast guests or to be one of his guests. Credits include: